Hackney Unites ‘one’ fund - Can you afford £1 per month?

Want to donate to the Hackney Unites ‘one fund’ (info below)? Then please drop us an email and we will send you the necessary bank details. info@hackneyunites.org.uk .

Hackney Unites is bringing people together with the aim of identifying positive steps that can be taken to benefit our communities.

Hackney Unites hopes to create a space where people come together and decide to do something positive for our communities.

We have been very fortunate to obtain some start-up funding both from the Trades Union Congress and from the Barry Amiel and Norman Melburn Trust, we have also been supported by the Searchlight Educational Trust. While this money has been essential we recognise that in the long-run, a community organisation has to raise money from within the community.

We are therefore launching a ‘one’ fund. Will you donate £1 per month by standing order? We have a target of 500 people donating £1 a month.

This money will provide us with the ability to hire meeting rooms, reimburse volunteers expenses, print leaflets, pay a phone bill and co-ordinate volunteers. We have deliberately set the amount we are asking at a rate that almost everyone in Hackney can afford; one pound.