Celebrate Hackney! June 5th - Agenda for the day...

With fifteen workshops addressing key concerns for Hackney residents and workers, Celebrate Hackney! will host an important day of discussion and debate. With local experts facilitating and contributing to the discussions, this will be your chance to come together as a community to talk about the things that matter to you. There will also be performances, art show-cases and films shown throughout the day.

Below we list the main conference agenda. To priority book your place online *CLICK HERE* or call the Hackney Unites Hotline: 07539201488

Opening Session (main theatre) Roland Muldoon (Save Hackney Empire), Inderjit Bhogal (City of Sancturary), Gillian Trevethan (HCVS –Changing Lives) and Andrea Enisuoh(Hackney Unites)

11.45 to 12.45
Workshop 1:
Greening Hackney: an environmental forum
Ben Todd, Arcola Theatre/Arcola Energy
Gustavo Montes de Oca, Hackney City Farm
Peter Jones, Green Party
Chris Fraser, Transition Town Hackney

Workshop 2:
The issues facing migrants, refugees and asylum seekers:
Ali Aksoy, Hackney Refugee Forum
Rayah Feldman, Hackney Refugee and Migrant Support Group
Cathy Bird, Sanctuary Pledge.
Jessica Kennedy, Citizens for Sanctuary.
Chair Juan Camilo Cook, Migrants Rights Network.

Workshop 3:
Life-long learning, skills and education:
Soraya Patrick, Workers Education Association.
John Kennedy, University of the 3rd Age.
Mick Hadgraft, UnionLearn.
Cheryl Lim, Open University.
Chair: Karl Frisby, HCVS

Workshop 4:
Public services – the crisis to come
Bronwen Handyside, Keep NHS Public
Cathy Reay, Hackney Housing Group, London Coalition against Poverty
Matt Sellwood, Green Party
Gail Chester, Friends of Hackney Nurseries
Chair: Brian Debus

Workshop 5:
Save the Hackney Empire and the arts in Hackney
Roland Muldoon, local Impresario and ex-director of the Hackney Empire.
Patrick Vernon, Every Generation

Workshop 6:
Workers Advice Project: providing organising support to workers in Hackney
Leena Kumarappan, Working Lives Research Institute.
Arpita Dutt, Russell Jones and Walker Solicitors.
Clara Osagiede, RMT union organiser
Chair: Wilf Sullivan, TUC Race Relations officer.

Workshop 7
Policing and miscarriages of Justice in Hackney: Sam Hallam Campaign
Paul May, Sam Hallam campaign
Celia Stubbs, Blair Peach Campaign

Workshop 8:
Question Time: what do Hackney residents want from politicians after the election?
Matt Sellwood, Green Party.
Jennette Arnold, Labour Party.
Dawood Akhoon, Liberal Democrats
Conservatives - invited.

Workshop 9:
Pride in Hackney
Thierry Schaffauser, GMB sex workers' branch.
Simon Leahy, Co-ordinator of the organising committee for Hackney Pride.
Stacey Halls, Opening Doors.
Chair: Ella Viera, performance artist

Workshop 10:
Elders in Hackney – challenges facing older people
Dot Gibson, National Pensioners Convention.
Shirley Murgraff, Older People's Reference Group.
Victor McAllister, Hackney Caribbean Elderly Organisation
Chair: David Holland, Hackney Unites

Workshop 11:
Workers Advice Project contIndividual advice for workers with problems. Qualified solicitors and barristers to provide advice.

Workshop 12:
Community organising and voluntary action: time to get politicalAndy Benson, National Coalition for Independent Action.
Maurice Glasman, London Citizens
Wendy Pettifor, Hackney Law Centre
Liz Hughes, London Pools Campaign
Chair: John Page, Hackney Unites

Workshop 13:
Peace and War
Pat Allen, CND.
Gareth Jenkins, Stop the War.

Workshop 14:
Struggles against racism and fascism in Hackney
Michel Vance Racism in Education (tbc)
Monty Goldman,
Carys Afoko, (tbc)
Chair: Arpita Dutt, North and East London Anti-Racist Alliance

Workshop 15: Youth in Hackney – the challenges facing younger peopleSheila Suso-Runge, Teenlab Productions.
Joyce Daley, Black Parent Community Forum.
Richard, IYC, Congolese Youth Group.
Oktay Sahbaz, Day Mer.
Jeanette Collins, The Crib.
Chair: Youth Parliament

Closing session (main theatre)
Themes and reflections from the day:Speakers: Joyce Daley, Carys Afoko and others to be confirmed

Celebrate Hackney! Films
Throughout the day we will be featuring showings of some short films and documentaries either made in or about Hackney. We have been completely inundated by local people making films about Hackney and their lives here. We are currently putting together a programme of films which we hope will lead to a series of discussions about our experiences of living in Hackney.

Details to be announced, but it is not to be missed.