Save the name of CLR James library

We are part of the campaign to preserve the name CLR James for the Dalston Library.
Hear more about who CLR James was from Hackney Unite's John Page on You Tube

Who was CLR James?
CLR James was an academic, a playwright, an author, a pan-African, and an activist in so many spheres, as an organiser of share-croppers in the USA, as a Marxist theoretician, as advisor to both Kwame Nkrumah in Ghana and Eric Williams in the Caribbean. He was also the founder of the Race Today collective in Brixton an organisation which nurtured Darcus Howe and Linton Kwesi Johnson. He was for many years the Guardian cricket correspondent, he was also jailed in Ellis Island in New York as dangerous subversive. His life is simply too rich to explain in a few sentences, suffice to say he is an internationally known figure and the move to remove his name from our library has offended people of goodwill from around the world. When the library was named after him, it was a clear statement about how Hackney perceived itself. The decision to remove his name, not only risks consigning his legacy to history, but also suggests that some people in Hackney do not think he is the sort of figure we should be celebrating.

We are determined to prove them wrong and are backing the campaign launched by Hackney BEMA to keep the name.

Please sign the on-line petition (please note that the request for donations is for the petitioning website and not the campaign).

Let's celebrate his legacy...We are also planning a celebration of CLR James to bring his legacy to life, if you have insights to share, of if you have ideas about how we can do this, please let us know: